Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday with Jess

I finally got to spend some time with my kid on Sunday. I had a whole day planned out but she just wanted to hang out and that's what we did. The sun was shining and we wandered around Covent Garden watching the musicians and performers and generally larking around.
She was on really good form and it felt so good to be with her.
The day began with trips to Next and the Gap where "Birthday Clothes" shopping took center stage.
She definitely has her own sense of style.
I did veto a couple of things ( she's only 10 for god's sake!), but I can see in the future she's going to be a handful.
She's got her old man wrapped around her little finger.
After the gear , it was our usual hour in the bookshop and the rest of the day was spent wandering, sitting in the sun and reading.
As usual, Jess insisted on taking pictures of me.
I've converted to B&W to soften the glare of the sun on my prison pallor.
She said: "That's you Dad!" and made me send her a copy.
It was as nice a day as I can remember.
No big focus to the afternoon, just hanging out hand in hand with my kid.
To me it doesn't get any better than that.
I'm sitting at Heathrow waiting to get on a 13 hour flight to Hong Kong, but have a smile on my face after posting these pictures.
I hope your Monday night is as upbeat.
Stay happy and healthy everyone.

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Anonymous said...

That put a big smile on my face too.
Take care.

Kevin Serpanchy said...

Nice to hear your getting some QUALITY TIME in...great stuff!