Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tornado warning in AnnArbor

About an hor ago, while watching TV this evening, the screen went blank and a big WARNING sign popped up.
This warning was accompanied by a loud annoying extended beep.
About 10 minutes ago a giant loud speaker on the roof of the school across from my house blasted a three minute long siren.
I have no idea what to do.
I suppose I could climb down into the cellar outside, though I don't fancy that.
There's a violent storm front moving towards AA at 35 miles per hour.
Apparently packing winds between 60-90 miles per hour its throwing off tornadoes as it moves eastward.
The ETA for its arrival in my neck of the woods is 9:47 pm
Its now 9:15.
Apparently I can expect big hail and torrential rain.
Shame its so dark. The chances of getting any pics are slim to none.
Wish me luck


Anonymous said...

Keep us posted! L

Anonymous said...

Winds of change?

Roof still on?

All very Wizard of Oz.


Brenda said...

There were spiders in the cellar, no? It was still a good idea. The horn from the school is a serious public service announcement. Tornadoes form very fast and I learned to respond to their *potential*, like tsunamis. From childhood I have memories of middle-of-the-night-cellar-flashlight-spiders and daylight-cellar-I-can't-see-the-action-disappointment.

Terry said...

Turned out to be a bit of a letdown! There WAS pretty stupendous lightening and "thunderous" thunder, but that's about it.The sirens and alarm on the TV were a bit surreal.
Other than that it was just another thunderstorm