Sunday, June 27, 2010

Washington DC

Greetings from a steaming Washington.
I had all of an hour and a half free when I arrived on Friday so I jumped in a cab and did a whistle stop tour of some of the more famous sights.
I just missed a great picture as Obama's helicopter came in low and fast, landing on a shielded section of theWhite House lawn .
I've got to be a bit quicker off the mark I guess.
As you would expect the security around the White House is tight.
Washington strikes me as a nice place to live albeit unbearably hot at the moment. Like Ottawa where I grew up its clean as only capital cities seem to be. I'd heard over the years that its a dangerous city, but in talking to cab drivers and people familiar with the place there seems to have been fairly dramatic progress in cleaning up many of the problems. I never felt even a whiff of threat though restricted as I am to the core "touristy" bits of the city, I imagine they're pretty much sterilised.
As I said earlier, I haven't had much time over the weekend beyond the convention hall-restaurant-hotel treadmill, so there really aren't any flashes on insight forthcoming.
I'm on my last day and will be back in Ann Arbor tomorrow.
Stay well everyone

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Anonymous said...

Quite like DC, some good bars, although prefer NYC, or Boston; think the days of sharps being picked up on the White House lawn are gone (I hope) now. Although, that may simply reflect a change in preferred choice of route of intoxicant administration.

What I don't like about DC is the airport(IAD), closures in Winter and their immigration lines, which are legendary. Took me 2 hours to effect entry last month, even with a shiny new chipped passport and fluffy ESTA.

Take care