Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I had some free time on Sunday to take pictures and I visited all the usual suspects.
I've described these places a couple of times before, so I'll be brief today.
The pictures above and below always seem to find their way into my camera when I'm here.
The wall is now a tourist magnet and apart from well placed examples has well and truly become a part of the past.
Its hard to believe it occupied the image defining status it once held .
The holocaust memorial is as sobering as the wall once was. Its the most thought provoking structure of its kind I've ever seen and I always visit it when I'm in Berlin.
That's it for today.
I thought this would be post 800 but it seems its only #798 as I had a couple of blank posts lurking in the archives. I'm in Berlin until the end of the week, then London, then Budapest for 24 hours Monday night.
Back to the US a week Thursday.
Love to all

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kserp said...

Memorial shots with beautiful sky in the background are amazing T...look forward to seeing you below the equator soon! Stay well - KS