Saturday, September 04, 2010

Welcome to the BIG HOUSE

I was one of 113,090 people to see the University of Michigan open their 113th season against University of Connecticut.
That's the biggest crowd ever to watch a college football game in the US.
The U of M's stadium is known as the BIG HOUSE for good reason.

The festivities started with a walk of honour by Brock Mealer and his brother defensive lineman Elliot. Brock had his back broken last year in an accident which killed his father and Elliot's girlfriend. Doctor's told him that he had a 1% chance of ever walking again. Today he and his brother led the Wolverines out onto the field. There were people weeping in the crowd.
It was a nice moment.

Americans do these sorts of things pretty well.
The opening of the renovated stadium was a triumph any way you look at it. Marching Band's are a big part of College football. Michigan's band leader by tradition starts the show by bending backwards and touching the top of his head to the ground without leaving his feet.
113,000 people roared approval.
Only in America.
There was a bit of football played today as well.
In case you're wondering, Michigan won 30-10.
The two big stars were named Robinson.
Darnel and.......TERENCE!
Michigan is now my team!
This is post 799.
I find it amazing I've kept this blog up so long.
I have no idea what post 800 will be.
Stay well everyone and have a great weekend.
Love to all


Lu said...

Os norte americanos realmente sabem fazer coisas grandes e que chamem a atenção...
Seja na arquitetura, como neste Arco, muito lindo diga-se de passagem. Fiquei impressionada com a idéia de permitir o acesso das pessoas através desse "ovinho", terrível para os claustrofóbicos e sofredores de vertigem (!!!)
...Ou em eventos esportivos como este de Michigan. Aliás, excelente razão para tornar-se um torcedor Mr. Robinson ;)
Esperamos o "post no. 800". Certamente serão tão bem documentados como todos até aqui.

RS said...

Did the 'football' make any sense? ;-)

kserp said...

My how times have changed...A Cadillac drivin, bbq owning, "Wolverines fan huh.." Nice!

Hope all is well, KS

Anonymous said...

Cool! Sure out numbers the fans that showed up for McGill or Carleton games back in our day.

Take it easy bud!


Anonymous said...

Eight hundredth post: the pressure of an event. You could take stock, or; who's counting, simply keep on posting?

Take care, safe travels,