Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Don't Mess with Texas

I spent less than 24 hours in Dallas, but packed quite a bit in.
Texans are an interesting bunch.
I guess my expectations of the place were coloured by all the obvious stuff: Cowboys, big hair and the "everything is bigger in Texas" cliches.
What I didn't expect was this little confectionery for sale in the hotel gift shop.
Are you kidding me????
At least its diabetic friendly.
I'm not sure it's particularly Texan, but I've never seen or heard of it anywhere else.
One cliche I did partake in was a visit to a traditional Texan Emporium: A Discount Gun Shop.
I was a little timid getting the camera out, but I needn't of worried.
The staff were friendly.
There was an almost joyful exuberance to their enthusiasm.
No one had a full head of hair.
All favoured a micro short or shaved scalp.
Everyone in the store was white.
Did they all look a little scary?
Yes they looked quite scary but they were very friendly.
I was the only one (apart from one of my colleagues) wearing a suit.
T shirts were the order of the day.
The other customers consisted of 4 soldiers (dressed in fatigues) and a couple of Buddha bellied good ole boys.
I can't say that normally I'd consider these "my people" but confess within 10 minutes I was laughing and trading jokes with them.
They were without exception, in love with guns.
I've never met anyone in love with guns and I always thought such people very misguided souls.
I can't say there was anything in our conversations, outside of the occasional "that'll drop a man no problem", which gave me pause .
Love of firearms will never be my thing, but I guess I won't automatically think of someone as retarded if they're enthusiasts in the future.
I'll still wonder why they love guns but won't be as quick to judge. I've never seen so many weapons in one place.
A "his and hers" valentine set caught my eye.
There were weapons of every size imaginable, from single shot pistols small enough to fit in a cigarette pack to the "mighty hog" below.
They loved the mighty hog and its ammunition.
Big bullets indeed.
$8 a pop and every 4th a tracer round.
That seems kind of cheap doesn't it?
The targets were a bit of a sociological study.
Evil, scary clowns stay clear of Texas.
So what did I learn from this little field trip?
  • Guys who work in gun shops are quick to laugh and turned a timid middle aged guy in a suit into a timid middle aged guy who was no longer afraid of machine guns or guys who work in gun shops.
  • I'm still afraid of pistols. I hate holding them and always will.
  • Crazy clowns make good targets. It must feel good to blast an evil clown.
  • Gun shops are probably the least likely places on earth to be robbed. Especially gun shops in Texas. No one is that stupid

Texans are a nice bunch.
Love to all and stay safe



RS said...

Terry always hits his targets......

Lucia Falcão said...

eu prefiro a rosa... ;)
lucia falcão.

LadyHutch13 said...

My husband would have thought he had died and gone to heaven had he been there with y'all.

Anonymous said...

the clown is called "pennywise" from stephen kings "IT".....

Anonymous said...

Nice Guns T!