Saturday, December 11, 2010

Big Chill at the Big House

At the beginning of the football season I went to the Wolverines opening day and was part of the biggest football crowd in history. Yesterday I went back and was part of the biggest crowd to ever see a hockey game. Billed as "The Big Chill at The Big House", the day started off with perfect temperatures but got progressively colder when the sun went down.
As long as you were in the cheek by jowl crowd, the collective warmth kept the cold from your bones
I had great seats but the picture below makes it look like I was miles away.

During the National Anthem there was a fly over by a Stealth bomber. Looking at my pictures the aircraft looks like something out of a science fiction movie. You're forgiven if you think the picture below is a photoshop invention.
In real life it was similarly surreal. Amongst the pageantry and sense of occasion, there was a hockey game.

Hockey in Michigan attracts a certain type of Fan.
The chants and songs were less than sportsman like.
When the Wolverines scored, 100,000 fans got to their feet held up their fingers to signify the number of goals and when the scorer was announced chanted " we want more, we want more"
That's not so bad right?
Then they point at the opposition goally and chant "Sieve, Sieve, Sieve!!!"
This is followed by 100,000 + people chanting ( and pointing) "ITS ALL YOUR FAULT, ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!"

It was a great day and another chapter in sporting history.
Final score:
University of Michigan 5
Michigan State 0
Go Blue (even though they play in Maize)!!!
That's it for today.
Love to all

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