Thursday, December 09, 2010


Chicago at dawn.
Very cold.
Dawn comes late (around 7am), and Lake Michigan affords a pretty nice view albeit pretty damn cold.
The icy wind blasting inland is one of the colder experiences I've had for a while.
My how I suffer for my art.
I was in Chicago for 24hrs or so and had little time to snap pictures other than during the back and forth to meetings.
It was cold.
I seem to be losing gloves as fast as I buy them.
The third pair of the season decided to part company with me on the ride in from the airport and now resides in the back of a taxi.
Very cold.
Especially without gloves.
The sky was flat and grey affording a dull unattractive light and I'm afraid combined with numb hands turning a sickly shade of blue, the pictures on this post are less than inspiring.
Ever wonder what pigeons do in the cold?
Now you know.
That's it for today.
Stay well everyone


Anonymous said...

birds always know what is good...haha

Anonymous said...

Chicago gave me a lot when I lived there in my 20s and I try to return every few years to express my gratitude. You are right, the light wasn't working for you that day.

I didn't use a house key until I lived there.

This is where I first experienced the pleasure of reading while riding public transportation.

I thought I was so grown up to visit the Vidal Sassoon salon in Water Tower Place.

The Art Institute was the first museum I knew so well I felt like I owned it.

Had I married the Polish-Irish police officer's son, my life would look different today.

I was skilled at parallel parking his boat of an Oldsmobile.

The wind is, yes, biting cold. I find upstate NY winters warmer than Chicago. Glad you caught some good music on your visit.


RS said...

Again, stunning pictures - regardless of the light levels.
I have heard it gets cold in Chicago, but you don't mention any actual temperatures? Just how cold was it?