Saturday, January 15, 2011

Busy week

Its been a busy week.
Last weekend I was at the ALA in San Diego. The weather was soft and a relief from the big freeze in Michigan and snow in Europe. Unfortunately as is the way of these events, I had very little time to take pictures outside of work related stuff. I'll have to be content with these two shots from the window of my hotel.
For the 4 days I was there I watched the ship above being unloaded. It seemed to disgorge an never ending supply of containers (pineapples I assume) and was still not empty when I left. There's money in tropical fruit I guess.
One of the better corporate events I've attended, and believe me there's been plenty, was a dinner we sponsored on the decommissioned aircraft carrier Midway. Pretty impressive ( to my eyes anyway) though today's carriers are quite a bit bigger.
I landed in London this morning at 8:00 and miracle of miracles my hotel room was ready. Another couple of pictures from the room window ( is there a trend developing here?). For those of you of a certain age you'll recognise the structure below. It featured on an album cover of a certain psychedelic British band many years ago.
Another miracle occurred when I arrived back in Ann bag last seen in JFK December 19th and stranded in the bowels of Charles De Gaulle for an indeterminate period of time, greeted me cheekily at the door.
When I'd gone online and logged into the baggage tracing page that morning there'd been no news, just the frustrating phrase " Still tracing, check back later"
The message was still there when I checked after unpacking.
Everything was there except the Christmas presents which I'd managed to replace on the 24th.
Wonders never cease.
I suppose the lesson is to never give up hope.
Tomorrow I see my kid and in the evening fly to Madrid.
Monday morning I go to Ganada for another series of meetings, Wednesday back to London then Dubai Thursday morning.
I'll post as and when. Its my Mom's birthday tomorrow, so "Happy Birthday mum, thanks for having me!!!"
That's it for today.
Love to all.

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