Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I was in Granada this week for a very quick visit. I managed all of 45 minutes to take some pictures just as the sun was going down and I'm quite taken with how some of them turned out. Its a tremendous feeling when the image on the screen that pops up is able to capture the light and depth of what you saw. These pictures appear almost like paintings to me. I've never had this kind of luck before.
Granada sits at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains giving its beautiful buildings a fairly stunning backdrop. It was the last Moorish capital in the Iberian peninsula and Islamic architecture features prominently, affording the city a unique atmosphere.
The dominant feature of the city is The Alhambra and given my shortage of time is the main subject my pictures.
It was built for the last Moorish Emirs in Spain in 1335.
The Alhambra is literally translated as Red Fortress, reflecting the red clay building materials.
It has been named by UNESCO as a world heritage site.
As I said earlier my time was brief and I didn't get the opportunity to visit the structure itself, rather I made the long climb up winding cobblestone streets opposite, making it just in time to catch the soft light of sundown.
Last weekend I had a chance to see Jess and though the visit was brief, as always she was a tonic for the soul.
She's completely horse crazy at the moment and full of news about hacks and jumping. I'm proud as punch.
On my way to Dubai and posting this from Heathrow.
I'll try to be a bit better about doing the blog as I've neglected it of late.
Stay well everyone


Lucia Falc√£o said...

It's so cool to see Jess in her horse. Linda!

Anonymous said...

Grenada looks fantastic, great snaps. ;)

Glad you got to spend some time with pony-mad munchkin.

Safe Travels.

RS said...

You missed out on the Alhambra - truly an awesome place! But the photos you captured are better than anything I managed!