Monday, January 24, 2011


I've been in Dubai this week attending a Sales Meeting.
At this time of year the weather is glorious and its easy to forget the giant pizza oven the place becomes from April- November. For now at least its alfresco dining and easy strolls in the evening. At one of the dinners this week I had the most sinful dessert known to man.
In case the picture isnt clear, thats a chocolate brownie topped off with vanilla ice cream swimming in a boiling sea of butter.
It's served on a red hot skillet fajita style and makes all the noise and steam of its savoury Mexican cousin. I'm still dealing with the sugar buzz and subsequent crash.
Dubai seems to have recovered somewhat from the financial crash though nowhere near the frenetic pace at the peak of the boom. When I first came here a few years ago, 1/3 of the world's construction cranes were in Dubai. Construction sites were going 24 hrs a day and the city never seemed to sleep. The financial slump brought everything to a skidding halt. Though there's still many abandoned projects work has begun again on high profile developments.
On Sunday I had the chance to play golf in coolish conditions and jumped at the chance. The round was 50% off, but still a stiff $125.
It all began so well.
Sadly all soon reverted to form.
I did manage two PARs and a Birdy but still ended with a miserable 118 with one hole abandoned.
Lots of water.
Lots of lost balls
Sometimes I just HATE golf.
The picture above is of the hotel Atlantis which sits on the outer edges of the famous "Palm" development. I had dinner there last night and its a testimony to kitch.
Everything from a HUGE indoor aquarium to "dolphin experiences" and countless restaurants its a sprawling complex which feels like a cross between Disney and Las Vegas ( without the casino).
It opened just as the financial crisis hit and was for a time in a bit of a crisis itself. Many predicted it would end up the ultimate white elephant and serve as a testimony to the over build folly of Dubai at its most over reaching.
I'm happy to report it seems to be doing fine.
Finally I spent a pleasent sunset at Bar 360 which is attached to the Jumeira Beach Hotel. Itself pretty expensive, it overlooks the Burj Dubai, the sail like hotel ( one of the world's most expensive) that's become an iconic symbol of Dubai.
That's it for now.
I'm here until Thursday and return to the US on Friday.
I head to Dallas for more meetings on Saturday.
More as and when.
Stay well everyone.


Anonymous said...

Nice post for gluttons and sunset lovers...

Ehsan Mohammadi said...

Dear Terry

Great you have been in Dubai but I wish to see you in Iran.

Salle Cleveland said...

Just ran across your blog somehow. Nice tunes. I hate golf too and I've been able to form that opinion without ever having played. Bocci anyone?