Thursday, February 03, 2011

Fort Worth Texas

I was in Fort Worth Texas this week at a sales conference. I've heard it said Fort Worth is the plain older sister to Dallas. Given I didn't see anything other than the hotel and the conference center across the street, I cant say much either way. The big event this week in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is the Super Bowl on Sunday.
The Pittsburgh Steelers were staying in my hotel and though that meant a sizable group of die hard fans camped out in the lobby, players were thin on the ground.
Cops checked ID before you could get in the elevator, but all in all it was pretty low key as you can see....... I did ride the elevator with one player.
No idea who he was.
Diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds.
God knows how much the watch on his wrist cost.
What I couldn't get over was how small the dude was.
Yep undoubtedly.
No not really.
Not at all actually
TV adds size I guess.
Linemen are bigger I'm told.
During the day, odd Pitt and Texas wild life milled around outside the hotel.
Given the crap season the cowboys had I was surprised how anti-Steelers the locals were.
This was supposed to be the season Dallas played in their brand new Billion $ stadium in the Super Bowl.
Instead they stunk out the bottom of the standings and two small town teams used to playing in the wind and snow are battling it out under a domed roof.
The NFL is nothing if not democratic. I tried to explain to British colleagues that this match up was the equivalent to Middlesborough vs Portsmouth in a premier league championship.
They were astonished.
I was smug.
Ahh so you don't know EVERYTHING about the US do you?
The only other thing of note for the week was the weather. When we arrived it was in the mid 50's F. By Tuesday the temperature plunged, an inch of snow fell overnight and the roads had become skating rinks.
Texas is worse at coping with a little snow than the UK.
I was relieved to see the bars in the hotel ban unlicensed weapons.
That made me feel safe.
Liquor and legal weapons present few problems.
Its clever to serve armed people bourbon.
Mutually assured destruction ensures peaceful drunkeness.
I saw lots of drunkeness.
Thank god for the 2nd amendment.
Guns are good.
Off to Brazil tomorrow.
Stay well


RS said...

Middlesbrough only has the one 'o'. Sorry - can't help myself!

Tom said...

Can i meet your future wife soon? Please bring her to amsterdam

Terry said...

Tom....I think that would be a no......