Saturday, May 28, 2011


 My time in Singapore has been rather unsettled. After my first day's meetings we went for dinner at the restaurant on the roof of the Sands Casino and Hotel.
Though the view was great, the food was destined to stay with me for longer than anticipated. From about 2 hours after eating (11:30pm) things went something like this.........
Food poisoning is never fun.
Its really grim alone in a hotel room.
It wasn't until the next day when my colleague brought me  Imodium, charcoal and Gatoraid that things began to settle down.
Last night I had a bowl of tomato soup and a scoop of ice trips to the toilet.
I still had some bizarre dreams.
Though I woke up this morning a bit weak and waxen, I'm good to go for the overnight flight to the UK.
Singapore is the last place I would have expected to have gotten a food bug, but as a colleague also had a similar difficulty, that's got to be where it happened.
Live and learn I guess.
Stay well everyone


Anonymous said...

Revenge of the club sandwich? Hope you're feeling better. Take it easy.

RS said...

Nothing worse than being ill when not at home. Hope you're feeling better.