Monday, August 08, 2011


I was in Ottawa last week for a bit of R&R.
Best of all I had my daughter for the first of what I hope will be many more holidays in Canada.
The week was comprised of swimming, pizza, BBQ's and watching Jess lark around with my nieces who are around the same age. She's growing up fast but is still a fun 11 year old who loves reading, horses and swimming.
These days are important.
Jess will never be an 11 year old in July again.
My sister organised a great trip to the Museum of Civilisation and kept us all amused and fed.
Masterful organisation!
My friends David and Linda drove down with their little ones ( Hugh and Isabel) so there was quite a tribe of us.
My Kid.
She's such a precious little thing.
Though we only had 5 days, it was a milestone. Its the first time I've taken her for a holiday and represented a break through of sorts.
We really managed to get a lot of time together and in so doing rediscovered each other in a way.
Can't say enough about how great that made me feel. 
Being as we were in Ottawa, we went to parliament Hill to look around and catch the changing of the guards.
Typical touristy stuff.
That's it for today.
I'm back at work and in London this week.
Hope your summer is going well wherever you may be.
Love to all.


RS said...

Aw Terry, you're a real softie! I have an 11 year old like you and I agree, those times are precious. But I also have a 15 yeard old to remind me of what they grow into. Make the most of it! (my kids don't live with me either)

Sister Sara said...

Wonderful time spent with my lovely niece, great memories and a sign for happy times to come. Brilliant ! Xo Sara

Anonymous said...

lovely time and thanks.