Tuesday, August 09, 2011


As I write this London is catching its breath from three days of rioting and looting.
The guy above was not involved.
At least he wasn't last Sunday.
The criminals presently dismantling and burning North, East and South London are mostly teenagers and younger adults. The looting seems to be from all segments of society, black, white, young, old, male and female.
These people are destroying their own neighborhoods.
I wonder what they'll say when they can't find a pint of milk in their local shop because they've burned it down?
 It's unfolding like a contagious disease and has been getting progressively worse.
There's talk of deploying the army onto the streets though I doubt it will come to that.
I'm here until Friday and will snap a few more pictures I'm sure.
Until then what follows is a leisurely walk on a rainy Sunday, blissfully unaware of the coming mayhem.
May your bubble never burst.
Stay well everyone.

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RS said...

The last time London was in the international news was when it was at its best for the Royal Wedding. Now this - the other end of the spectrum. It's breathtaking what an ignorant and angry minority can achieve. Very sad.