Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sometimes it just is what it is

I remember when I took this picture.
Its the first real snapshot I took of the travels documented in this blog.
Point, shoot and crop out the result to give  frame to what I saw.
I don't know anything about photography now, but knew even less then.
Its a pic I find myself coming back to from time to time and  always take something new from it dependent on my state of mind. 
I was in Beirut and apart from being freaked out  I was actually there, I had a sense of being  alive  and buzzing.
 I was thinking " How fucking cool is my life???!"
Time has rolled on since then which brings me to the point of this ramble.
Over the last  week or so I've heard from a couple of people who I'd thought little about over the last 8 years.
Way back when they'd been less than kind.
Kicking someone when they're down says more about you than them.
Our paths had truly moved in different directions.
When I got divorced, I purposely cut myself off from a set of  "friends" who'd really been of  fairly recent acquaintance.
I was  on my own and for a time things went from bad to worse.
Bad luck seems to beget bad luck and it can feel like a bit of a death spiral.
Family  always stuck by me but  I distanced myself as I was trying to focus down the tunnel I was going through.
Dark times..
My life is better today.
Luck has flipped for others though it seems.
I'm unsure what's moved these people to get  in touch.
I suppose  they've dipped in and out of my life through this blog because they seem to know what I've been up to though we haven't had any contact for years.
Why I'm the person they're looking to unburden their present despair is a mystery to me.
No matter.
The message I have for them and anyone who's interested is that no matter how dark things appear or how impossible it is to imagine a way out, the present shit you find yourself in is a wrinkle in time.
It is what it is.
Getting past the current train wreck is the only option.
When you finally surface, the sun will feel as warm as you remember before all the shit rained down.
Let the world turn.
Its also sensible not to be so quick to pass judgement on others now you know how it feels to be on the sharp end of a bad situation
Stay well everyone.


Kevin Serpanchy said...

Kind of reminded me of the Chinese proverb of...sitting patiently by the river long enough to see your enemies float on by...hope all is well with you.

Kevin Serpanchy said...

Is by chance this person you are talking about Moammar Gadhafi?

Sister Sara said...

Well said Ter, to whom ever ! Never mind the butt heads in life ! You have come through so much Brilliantly I might add ! So carry on without regardless of stupidity ! Love ya bro xo

Anna Mora said...

Magnifiques imatges !!
Salutacions des de Catalunya.