Monday, February 13, 2012

Detroit Pistons

I spent Sunday evening at "The Palace of Auburn Hills", home of the Detroit Pistons.
The Pistons are knocking around the basement of their division and the appetite for seats is pretty weak.
I got the tickets for half the face value on Stubhub.
Unlike  the baseball and football  teams who play downtown, the Pistons ply their trade in the white suburbs.
Auburn Hills is technically within Metro Detroit, but is a full 33 miles from what you'd recognise as the city.
Its claim to fame is that a certain John "Dodge" started a company called Chrysler here early in the 1920's.
 I suppose given this automotive pedigree Auburn Hills has motor city credentials but it feels odd to see a Detroit team based in a town of 21,000.
Or maybe that's just me. 
Professional basketball feels different from other sports in that the game almost feels incidental to all of the other stuff going on.
Unlike other sports,  thumping music plays during the action.
The announcer conducts a running cheer leading commentary and seems to yell a lot.
I also noticed that the crowd spends a lot of time out of their seats wandering around, visiting various booths in the hallways and scoffing down copious amounts of junk food.
Amongst all the music, nachos and pizza there was a basketball game going on.
Dear god....LOOK at the size of the paws on these guys!!!!
Either one of these dudes could pick up a ball with one hand.
These are BIG boys.
The guys sitting on the bench in suits have ties that must be 3 feet of fabric.
As a tall guy myself, I'm in awe of dudes a good 6 inches taller who have the coordination of physical maestros.
Very cool.
All in all it was a fun way to kill a Sunday evening.
Hope all is well wherever you may be.

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