Thursday, February 23, 2012


Another trip to London and another visit to the Tate Modern.
Odd bits of Art surrounded by earnest young things scribbling away in the corner on battered moleskin notebooks.
Ahh to be young and full of angst.
Or Japanese.
There are a lot of Japanese tourists at the gallery.
They buy a ton of stuff in the gift shop.
The earnest young things don't.
No visit is complete without the obligatory shot of the "Tate Birch Trees"
From the Tate its customary to cross the Thames via the Millennium Bridge and thats what I did.

On the other side of the bridge you find yourself in the shadow of St Paul's.
Wren's masterpiece is reflected in some nifty shiny balls.
Japanese tourists love these shiny balls.
I thought they were pretty good too. 
St Paul's has become the focus of the London Occupy movement.
There's been very little trouble but  given eviction is imminent this may change.
When I was there the protesters were keeping a low profile huddled in their tents to escape the chilly weather.

The folks we did see were friendly enough.
As at other "Occupy "sites I've seen in the US, there wasn't much  focus or political coherence evident.
A realistic action plan?
No not really.
The public's attention seems to have moved on and its all likely to end with a whimper, though the issues that made people protest don't seem to have gone away.
I'm in Berlin this week but have had zero free time and haven't been able to take any pictures.
Perhaps tomorrow morning before my flight.
Stay tuned and stay well.

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Stephina Suzzane said...

It looks like Occupy Wall Street moments. Nice motive against imperialism and capitalism. Though me physically not with you people but at heart em with you. My prays are with you people. Flights to Cape Town