Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Speakers Corner

I was in Berlin all week but had no free time so didn't take any pictures. I did swing back through London on my way to Dubai and saw my daughter on Saturday but was at a loose end on Sunday.
Speaker's Corner is always worth a look so that's what I did.

I've been coming here for years and have talked about the history of the place on earlier posts.
I cant help but feel it isn't what it used to be. Gone it seems are the political crackpots and conspiracy theorists. Its dominated now by religious zealots exhorting the crowds to choose the path of God  albeit different religions vie to get you onto their version of said path.
With the exception of horsey head and Mohawk boy it was  pretty much variations of the same story.
It used to be a bit more interesting but is still a good way to kill a Sunday afternoon.
I'm in Dubai and Qatar until Saturday and though my schedule is tight I'll try and do a better at getting some pictures than Berlin.
Stay well


RS said...

OMG - what skank gave the punk a hickey?!?!?

Tom Smith said...

I think this post has been somewhat of a revelation to hollister and both are come from one place?