Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I was in Anaheim this past weekend at a conference and this was the view from my hotel.
Nice huh?
More typical of a New York hotel view than LA.
Every night those air con ducts reminded me I wasn't at home.
Rattle, rattle.
Shudder, shudder.
Stare at the ceiling at 3 am.
That was the usual routine.
For most of  4 days I was in a barn-like windowless convention center doing what one does in such places.
I did get out  for a short time to attend a dinner in Laguna Beach and managed to snatch a couple of pictures before the light completely disappeared. 
I recently upgraded my  Canon 5D to the "Mark III" and am still getting used to it.
It feels complicated and  the "deal" on line when all was said and done ended up way over my budget.
Buyers remorse is nipping around the edges, but I hope to learn how to use it properly and maybe then I'll  feel a little less foolish for laying out all that dosh.
That's it for today.
Stay well everyone.


Anonymous said...

Come on Uncle Terry! Its been two weeks since your last post!

Anonymous said...

Come on Uncle Terry! Its been more than two weeks since your last post! Getting that new Canon 5D working!