Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello again from Europe

I haven't posted for a while as life and work sometimes has a way of taking up the day leaving little time for anything else. Since my last entry I've marked another year on this earth, been to Canada and am now once again in Europe. As is the usual drill I spent Sunday with Jess and we took a boat down the Thames to see the O2 Dome.
London looks different from the water.
A new addition to the skyline is the "shard"  the tallest building in Europe.
Though completed, it has an unfinished look in my opinion.
Once you get to the Dome, there's a cable car running over the river.
After a 20 minute queue, you take the 5 minute ride over and given there isn't anything on the other side, you line up again and come back.
You pay about $12 a head for the privilege.
You can trek across the top of the Dome, but need to book on line (something we didn't do) and it may or may not be an excursion for the future.
London is in full pre-Olympic mode and when I arrived Saturday morning the Russians were arriving too.
On Tuesday I had a day trip to Amsterdam.
It pissed down with rain the whole time I was there.
It was an umbrella breaking, wind blown down pour.
I was visiting our office in the northern port district which is accessed by a ferry departing behind the central station. As is the way of these things the one day I didn't have my camera I really wanted it; As you approach the dock there's a 1950's era Zulu class Soviet submarine.
I had to make do with the Ipad's camera which though less than ideal gives you the jist of how odd it appeared.
It is waiting to be sold as scrap but originally was moored here to be a floating club.
Impractical, but very Dutch.
Thats it for today.
I'm in Madrid and hope I can give my new camera a workout if a couple of spare hours comes my way.
I still need to make some progress on learning how to use it though.......
Love to all

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