Saturday, May 04, 2013

Day with Jess

After far too long, I finally got some time with my daughter yesterday and today. It was a quick overnight visit but we got caught up on all her news and had a laugh.
We laughed a lot!
Not many pictures but we got some in during a walk along the river before she went home.
Spring seems to have finally arrived though this being where it is, you can never be sure.The weather seems to flick back and forth between glorious warm sunshine and cold horrible rain.
So you carry an umbrella and a coat, wearing and shedding various stuff throughout the day.
If you don't like the weather just wait around for 20 minutes as its sure to change. Business as usual  for the UK.
That's it for today
Stay well and love to all

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Anonymous said...

So long ago! She’s gorgeous here. Over 5 years, she has probably grown into quite the beautiful young lady!