Saturday, December 15, 2007

Back in Dubai and 48 hours from home.

Who's a self satisfied boy then?
In the past 24 hours I've gone from this: To this:.Its mind boggling how much cash is flying around this place.
Not much to report other than as usual the flight from India was far from straightforward. When we pitched up the woman from Air India announced that the flight was delayed until 2 am but "its not likely to go at all".
Quick transfer to "Indian Airlines", leaving 45 minutes before our scheduled flight and Bob's your uncle, we were on our way.
Ya it was as simple as that.
Except for the cajoling, cursing, blue in the face protests and bad tempered "I'm not going away so make your life easier and do what I want" whinging.
We arrived at the hotel around midnight and of course, being tired headed straight to the bar.
Four Heinekens and rigorously debated solutions to the world's (and work's) problems later I did a backwards plunge onto my bed and was off to blissful sleep.
The alarm was cruel this morning.
Tonight Gareth and I are hooking up with an old Canadian friend of mine, Dave Dimmel to gorge on Australian steak at "The Beef Company".
We intend to clog up the intestines and return to our carnivore roots after 3 days of curry and veggie grub in Delhi.
No doubt we'll get through a fair bit of New World plonk in the process.
Only 48 hours and I'll be playing Santa.
Maybe I'll bring a camera tonight and give you a sense of how silly a night out in Dubai can be.
Maybe not.

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thats a great pic of you...