Thursday, December 13, 2007


Pictures of people from yesterday.
Trust me.
During my walk yesterday I went through areas which in another place would have made me fear for my skin.
India isn't like that.
Sure I had a steady stream of crazies cursing me, jabbering at me, trying to sell me something...
On many occasions I was the only westerner and drew curious smiles as well as hard looks.
I felt safe though at times uncomfortable .
Its hard to convey the sense of squalor and the smell at times was over powering.
When I visit India I'm often overcome with the question :
"What does all this mean?"
Its so different from anything familiar, in so many respects, I can't really convey how strange it feels at times.
I'm not saying I've had any sort of life changing revelation, but it has changed me in ways I'll come to understand with time.
Or maybe it will all fade away 24 hours after landing in Dubai.
Hope this finds you happy and healthy.

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sarah_500 said...

As ever some great photos.

Of course any experience of a different culture will have an impact on how you view your place in the world. You are so lucky in being able to see so much of the world, it isn't fading or passing you by; your blog is testimony to that.