Friday, September 25, 2009

South Korea

I've been in Korea this past week.
Stupendous BBQ.
This was a flying visit and I don't have much to post other than the pictures. As always, a few spare moments outside the train station yield a few interesting pics.
South Korea is golf crazy.
Playing on a real course is expensive and in a nation of workaholics its difficult to carve out the 4 hours needed for a round. The solution to this dilemma is very Korean.
"Virtual" or not, its all taken extremely seriously.
People bring their own clubs and shoes.
Playing involves concentration, gambling and beer (Hite)
I lost a lot of money.
Mr Choi is a good guy and didn't make Mr Kim (my colleague) pay up.
By the third hole I was starting to "get" the sensor and understand how it all worked.
Regardless, I wasn't kidding anyone.
Mr Choi is the best possible host I could've had for my debut at virtual golf.
One day I'll play him on a real course.
He'll soundly thrash me there also.
Something to look forward too.
The numbers tell the sad truth.
Stay well everyone and have a great weekend


Far from Innocent said...

yum, food looks amazing! washed down with some soju no doubt!

Anonymous said...

Address looks good. Clubs could be a little longer. Still think I should have driven you from the
18th to the airport, but what are you going to do.

Cheers bud!


Anonymous said...

Awful lot of smokers in South Korea...

That or they just get captured in your photographs alot.

What's with that?! I thought you quitted smoking already.

Just remember - "Outta sight, outta mind", OK? Be strong.

And perhaps one day, we can play a round of golf together, and THAT would give you a ego boost!

jL @ yyz