Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Petronas Towers and Batu Caves

Last Thursday I returned to Detroit from LA and took this picture from the airport parking lot of a frosty foggy dawn. After 30 hours of travel I was in KL on Tuesday and both the scenery and temperature were different.
I spent my last night in KL with colleagues at the Sky-Pool Bar at the top of the Traders Hotel. As you can see the view was pretty good.
I always swing by the Towers when I'm in KL.
They look like Soviet era rocket ships and are among my favorite structures in the world. I've even walked across the bridge on a private tour and have documented that here.
I also spent a sweaty couple of hours at the Batu caves which sit just on the edge of the city. It takes 45 minutes to get there if the traffic cooperates.
These scenes are nothing new. I've visited this Hindu shrine a couple of times in the past though there was little going on when I went on Tuesday.
It was hot and humid and the 200 steps up into the caves were a bit tough for this jetlagged body.
The steps leading up to the caves are not only used by people.
Thieving, aggressive monkeys consider them a conveyor belt of food bearing tourists.
They're not shy to snatch bags, bottles or anything else they feel may contain something edible.
I'm writing this from my hotel bed in Bangkok having arrived in the late afternoon.
I'm very tired.
Here until Saturday and then its back to KL for 24 hrs and then on to Melbourne.
I have got to get some sleep.
Love to all


Anonymous said...

Jesstime in London on return leg? www.hydeparkwinterwonderland.com from 20 Nov. Chance to show off those ice skating skills...


Anonymous said...

What Amazing photo's how i wish i could be telly ported to those Caves :) Penny x